About Us

Pai Yoga Shala is situated in the beautifully valley of Pai, in Thailand’s northern province of Mae Hong Son. Surrounded by rice fields and green gardens, Pai Yoga Shala is unique in capturing the enchantment of Pai with a foundation built in tradition and authenticity.

Our yoga school was founded in 2015 and now operates 7 days a week with 4 daily yoga classes for both residents and travellers. The resident teachers offer a vast variety of yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation and guest teacher workshops. We will soon be offering a yoga teacher training.

Our main shala is an old refurbished wooden house placed in one of our gardens allowing you to practise outdoors whilst enjoying the tranquillity and scenery of Pai. The shala provides a space where people can learn and grow as well as discover their personal journey to well-being and balance.


Our mission is to make yoga and wellbeing accessible to everyone. We attempt to educate on how to apply yoga and the yogic lifestyle as a daily practice to support physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual health. This will stimulate a more successful life, contributing to a healthier community: living and leading by example.


Our vision is to bring the ancient yogic traditions and practices to the modern society. Using the powerful healing techniques of yoga we strive to:

  • promote a healthy local and worldwide (yoga) community
  • improve quality of life for a smoother, balanced and more effective personal and professional performance
  • promote awareness about the need and importance of self-development