Our Resident Teachers

Kai ( RYT 200)

Kai got her Master Degree in Hotel and Tourism, American University of Cairo, Egypt and worked at Four seasons Hotel Cairo, Egypt. Not until she suffered from HyperThyroid that she chose yoga and pranayama as a way to heal her health problem through the teaching from Indian yoga teacher from whom she learnt Yoga Sadhana for two years in Egypt.
2015 Teacher Training Kru Moo’s Lanna Yoga Chiangmai. Then in 2017 : 18 Hrs. Professional Skills for Yoga Teacher from Ananda Yoveda Shala Chiangrai, Thailand
2017 : 100 Hrs. Teacher training Sivananda Yoga Thailand
2018 : 200 Hrs.( RYS 200) Teacher training Ashtanga – Hatha Vinyasa YogaShala , rishikesh India
2019: 50 Hrs. Teacher training Yin Yoga
At present, she runs KIRINA RETRO HOUSE and PAI YOGA SHALA, Pai Maehongson. Her style of teaching at PAI YOGA SHALA is gentle and healing focusing on how to relax body and mind and how to apply yoga as a lifestyle and holistic approach. Her motto: my best teacher is within all my student.

Nuno ( E-RYT 200)

Born in Portugal and lived in different places and worked with many cultures worldwide. Nuno had his first contact with yoga when he was only 15 years old and has been practising since then. His professional  studies are in theatre and dance and he performed onstage for many years.  As an international certified yoga teacher, personal trainer and life coach, Nuno has been working in the past decade as a personal coach and teaching physical conditioning at a performing arts university in Amsterdam. With personal experience and thorough professional knowledge, he shares his passion and helps people develop a more balanced life and finding their own strength and awareness in their mind and body. This in turn, works as a vehicle to increase mental and physical resilience that eases to the discovery of one’s own true nature.
Nuno spends a few months each year in India, practising yoga intensively and studying Advaita Vedanta. He teaches traditional Hatha Yoga with emphasis on alignment for deepening the understanding of āsana (postures) on a physical, mental and energetic level.

Kru Lek ( RYT 200)

Completed 200 hrs. “Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course” at ANANDA YOGA SHALA RISHIKESH INDIA Completed 60 Competency-Base English Language for Thai teacher at ANANDA YOVEDA SHALA CHIANG RAI THAILAND Completed Bachelor’s degree of Science in food Nutrition and Application THAILAND Owner of Charlie and Lek restaurant Thai food healthy food and cooking class PAI THAILAND About Teaching Alignment Focus Level New to yoga – intermediate

Alessio De Ambroggi ( RYT 500)

HOMETOWN: Berlin, Germany PHILOSOPHY: Alessio uses intelligent movement to bridge our disconnected body/mind/spirit. Through this activation we are able to have meaningful and necessary conversations with our bodies and energies creating an internal and external shift necessary for personal growth and development. EXPERIENCE & CERTIFICATION: 500hrs advanced YTC at The Association of Yoga and Meditation, Rishikesh, India. BEFORE YOGA: Born in Bangkok, Thailand before moving around growing up. A junior tennis athlete in Australia, Alessio has always been a sports and health and fitness enthusiast. Getting his honorary bachelor’s degree at the European Business School in London and having worked in the corporate world in major cities such as Hong Kong, London and Berlin, Alessio used yoga to help balance the high stress lifestyle in these cities. Now based between Berlin and Pai, he has made the conscious choice to live a more balanced and healthier lifestyle following his teachings of yoga.

O ( RYT 200)

HOMETOWN: Bangkok, Thailand PHILOSOPHY: To use the power of the breath (Prana) to connect ourself to the grounding energy of the earth, and allow herself and her students to bridge and connect the body, mind and spirit. O places importance on the practice of meditation wether active or in stillness. Having practiced OSHO Meditation, O also uses these teachings to help benefit her and her students practice. EXPERIENCE & CERTIFICATION: 200Hrs Multi-style yoga at Siddhi Yoga, Dharamsala BEFORE YOGA: Born in Bangkok, Thailand, O had followed the path of studying and working in major corporate companies and living in the big cities. After graduating from university, O began to travel and explore the world and with that exploration she also began to explore within herself after discovering new found passions in Art and Design. She then left the corporate world and began creating and designing crafts and clothing. With this major life change, she began her practice in yoga and transitioned from city life to farm life where she looks after her own organic and permaculture farm. Becoming a yoga teacher was her natural next steps.