Rules and Regulations

> Class registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis
> Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes duration, unless otherwise mentioned.
> Classes are scheduled for everyone but we do offer different levels. Please check the schedule for the classes detailed information so you can chose one that fits your own level of experience.
> Yoga mats & props are provided, but feel free to bring your own.
> Each class has a maximum number of participants allowed in the studio.
> If you have any injuries or medical conditions, please inform the teacher BEFORE the class starts.
> Dress Appropriately for class. We have changing rooms for this purpose.
> Be Punctual. Come 15 minutes before class to register and settle into the shala quietly.
> Respect the teacher and your neighbours, please practice as instructed by the teacher and do not practice your own series or variations during class.
> Consider your neighbours on the mat next to you and make sure that you are fresh and clean and refrain from wearing cologne or perfume. Showers are located on site and towels are available for rent.
> Selfies or photos are not allowed during class! Please turn off your mobile phone or at least put it on silent and put it in one of our lockers.
> Observe silence during class and especially during Savasana
> Clean up your space at the end of class. Clean and pick up your props and mats and put in the designated areas as instructed by the teacher.
> In case of needing to exit early, please do so before Savasana and not during. Figure out the best way to leave your space silently to respect the other students. If you have no other option, leave your mat and props where they are and quietly leave without disturbing the rest of the group.
> No shoes or observers are allowed in the studio.